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“Hoping for a society that is based on open space, public recreation, and accessible means of equality is a dream inherent with living in an urban environment. As our surroundings have largely turned commodity fetishism and our rights the prescription of conservative ethics rooted in egotism, we live among the challenging image of a silent majority.”

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A graph!


Note this measures emissions per year, not emissions cumulatively. Also note the little dip in 2008. That was on account of the recession. This clearly indicates that in order to thwart climate change industry must pretty much stop. All the policy-making and conscious consumerism has done very little to address the actual problem, while what has had an actual impact is an economic downturn.

This is shocking to me, but not depressing. There’s a lot of opportunity here and it’s up to us as a species to figure it out. What kind of values do we need? What do we do about this? These questions are rote but they’re important and good ones. And the answer is nowhere near “try to shop at Whole Foods once in a while”.

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This woman‘s message is an interesting one, very inspiring. She has a very faith-based approach to life and the greater good. She was 44 when she abandoned her possessions and started walking for peace, and continued for 28 years before getting hit by a car while crossing the street. Whoops!

Here’s an interview she did which sums things up pretty well.

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