Here’s a basic rundown of the history (and fanaticism) of neuroplasticity. Turns out our brains are neither hardwired at birth nor able to make us fly by thinking. Who knew!?

          December 10th, 2015

Here are a few fun tests of our biases. Learn about your brain!

          November 12th, 2015

This51MKIb0DpPL is a well written, humbling, and very interesting book detailing some of the strange findings of psychology. I recommend it to everyone for the mere fact that it helps one understand their own brain which is a pretty cool thing if you’re… you know, alive.

          October 1st, 2015

Dichotomous thinking

I was reading a letter in the MOFGA newsletter the other day that sounded to me like some ignorant old man complaining about organic hydroponics: “There isn’t any soil in hydroponic production.” Yes, that’s the idea. And, “Big money is presently invested in ‘vegetable factories’ and ‘vertical farms’ where production is hermetically sealed in huge warehouses filled with LED lights and nutrient pumps.” It’s implied that all these things are wrong, but it’s never mentioned why they’re wrong. And then I see the letter was written by none other than Eliot Coleman who literally wrote the book on small scale organic ag.


          June 13th, 2015

Aaron Swartz’s blog

An insightful group of articles about “getting better at life” called Raw Nerve. There’s also a movie about his political struggles and consequential suicide. Website for the film.

          June 2nd, 2015