I opened up a gifted keyboard and found an alligator clip and a potentiometer still in the case. So I started poking around and had a lot of fun! This is my first bent keyboard. I really enjoyed making this and I’m currently working on another more ambitious project.

          September 29th, 2017

To those who are still confused about white supremacy here’s a woman speaking about in front of a weird barn wall:

          August 20th, 2017

I love this.

          March 4th, 2016

Thank christ for the internet. Thank christ for Salman Khan.

A glossy 15 minute survey:

          March 1st, 2016

This is one of the strangest dumbest things I’ve ever seen. More than a waste of money and resources. Also I love this interviewer.

More here.

          January 9th, 2016

Hennessy Youngman on Post-Structuralism

          December 8th, 2015

Here’s a cool video about this owner-built house on a trailer from around 2010.

          June 14th, 2015

Aaron Swartz’s blog

An insightful group of articles about “getting better at life” called Raw Nerve. There’s also a movie about his political struggles and consequential suicide. Website for the film.

          June 2nd, 2015


A 45 minute documentary goof-fest. Finished in 2012.

          June 1st, 2015