Just spent a minute watching this wonderful and inspiring talk from Devine of hundred rabbits. Boat punk nerds. It really got the juices flowing around doing things the slow hard way, and the importance of autonomy and curiosity. All the

Porta Two manuals

The Tascam Porta Two Ministudio service manual: Bloop-blorp And the owner’s manual: Bada-bing I like this unit a lot. Weird flat rubber knobs. I guess they were still figuring it out in the 80s.

I made this out of two wide chunks of poplar (unmounted it looks like a comb ya know?) The tongues are one inch wide, the small cables get 1/4″ slot, the big boys get 5/16″.

I recently went to an old blog that I like but is never updated. It was made by a circuit bender, a really good one, who would add loads to the circuitry/controls, and the results were always aesthetically pleasing. I’d

Oh hi! Look it’s been over a year since I posted here! What the fuck!? I’ve got my tentacles around something good and I don’t want to let go. I can feel good about grocery stores again but I’m not

A collection of the widespread violence by the forces of white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Here’s a simple breakdown of abolishing the police. It’s a new idea to many, but it is a more realistic, helpful, and scientific approach to community

What have I been up to you ask? Trying to navigate the new world. Enjoying the space I have while lamenting the turmoil others are in. Filling in the space with electronics projects. The projects keep piling up and scattering

“White Awake combats white supremacy by focusing on educational resources and spiritual practices designed to engage people who’ve been socially categorized as ‘white’ in the creation of a just and sustainable society.”

Here are some panels from the comic/album The Bureau which I spent the morning listening to and reading. Listen here. And read it here.

Circuit bent megaphone toy: What have I done?

Some thoughts after jukai

Jukai is the Japanese word for the zen ceremony of “taking the precepts”. Basically you vow to take sixteen precepts seriously in your life after some time meditating with each of them. And on the surface they’re kind of weird

Adding switches to the Fostex X-12 erase head

I’ve been making cassette tape loops recently, which necessitates disabling the erase head while recording. Constantly placing and removing a tiny sliver of tape and aluminum foil over the erase head got tedious quick. I’ve added 4 switches to turn

Highly recommended. The trailer does it no justice, but here it is anyway:

Contrapoints. Yes yes, 1000 times yes. Also been watching a lot of Hainbach recently. Both recommended.