I’ve been the organizing force behind a choose your own adventure story with each branch or choice written by a different person. If you’re interested in contributing send me an email. It’ll be a zine and online when it’s done!

A great clip from David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest book tour with David Lipsky. (Source)

Notes From the Undergrads (story)

“Holy shit, guess who fucking messaged me today” “No idea” “Elaine. fucking. Bunter” “That brainy bitch from psych?” “With the gloves” “She’d wear green gloves every day” “Even in the summer” “And put her hair in three pony tails” “I

Sean’s Gloves (story)

Where the hell did his gloves go? There was an anathema of things going wrong and things going right. Earlier that day he’d been pulled over for speeding–the third time this week–on account of a wily, suspiciously hard of hearing