This is a great conversation with angel Kyodo williams, author, activist, and the second of only four (!) black female zen priests in the soto lineage.

Here’s Jonathan Tepperman in an excerpt from a recent World Affairs podcast: I don’t think terrorism is an existential threat [to the United States] …because the number of Americans killed every year in terrorist attacks is vanishingly small. More Americans

Why we need to plan for a future without jobs. A short interview with Andy Stern about technological advancements and the need for a Universal Basic Income.

This is one of the strangest dumbest things I’ve ever seen. More than a waste of money and resources. Also I love this interviewer. More here.

Here are some highlights from this interview with Alok Vaid-Menon. “I hate how ‘growing up’ means that we are taught not to be honest and vulnerable with each other in public. I want to know everything about everyone. I am

A great clip from David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest book tour with David Lipsky. (Source)