Contrapoints. Yes yes, 1000 times yes. Also been watching a lot of Hainbach recently. Both recommended.

CD40106 keyboard thing

This is an instrument I built recently using the CD40106, a hex Schmitt trigger integrated circuit. It uses only two of the available six Schmitt triggers on the chip. While researching this chip (and a few others) I was a

The wonderful Lauren Tosswill holding her debut album My Home in The Year: Bandcamp link. All proceeds to Maine Inside Out

Circuit bending the Casio PT-100

I’ve had this keyboard lying around for years (I don’t remember where or when I got it), and after my first bend I wanted to dive a little deeper. After experimenting I read the writeup at tablehooters and found the

Hey I made a tape! Let me know if you want one!

Merry Christmas!

from this person

“Experience is paralysis”

“Hoping for a society that is based on open space, public recreation, and accessible means of equality is a dream inherent with living in an urban environment. As our surroundings have largely turned commodity fetishism and our rights the prescription

Old (as in a few years ago) doom metal from Portland, Maine.