Unpacking Portland Maine Business Lobby’s Opposition to Universal Paid Sick Leave from Jai Kang.

Fuck you I like Guns. A great article here from a veteran about the ridiculousness of the prevalence of assault rifles in the US and the urgency of action. Short and well written.

Here is a nice little article at No Zen in the West about the tension between the personal and communal aspects of buddhist practice and how they play into the political sphere. I’ve observed a dangerous inclination for some zen

From this article: “The dharma is not an excuse to turn away from the suffering of the world, nor is it a sedative to get us comfortably through painful times. It is a powerful teaching that frees and strengthens us

Here’s Jonathan Tepperman in an excerpt from a recent World Affairs podcast: I don’t think terrorism is an existential threat [to the United States] …because the number of Americans killed every year in terrorist attacks is vanishingly small. More Americans

From Rebecca Solnit in this article: “Naïve cynics shoot down possibilities, including the possibility of exploring the full complexity of any situation. They take aim at the less cynical, so that cynicism becomes a defensive posture and an avoidance of

Fernando Lugo (President of Paraguay), Evo Morales (President of Bolivia), Lula da Silva (President of Brazil), Rafael Correa (President of Ecuador) and Hugo Chávez (President of Venezuela) in 2009.

This is a great comic giving some historical and statistical context to the prison strike by Sofie Louise Dam at The Nib.

Thank christ for the internet. Thank christ for Salman Khan. A glossy 15 minute survey:

Here is a great article about some Murray Bookchin-inspired rebels fighting ISIL in Syria. Also apparently ISIL believes that if they’re killed by a kurdish woman they won’t get into heaven? AKA cooties.